12 Days of Static: STATIC – Track 7

Jill Static Monster


12 Days of Static: Jill Janus takes you on a track-by-track journey through the new “Melodic Metal Masterpiece” by Huntress, out 09/25/15 on Napalm Records. Watch for posts here & join us September 10th-21st at www.HuntressKills.com  Photos by Tim Tronckoe.

STATIC – Track 7

“Static” is the title track, it was the very first song idea I had for Album 3. Huntress was touring with Lamb of God in 2013 when we stopped at a gas station in Pennsylvania. I went into the bathroom. It was deadly quiet, but I could hear a faint electrical hum, like white noise. And then it happened: I could see the story unfold so clearly. We begin in New York City, people are relaxing in their apartments after work, watching TV while their kids keep busy on computers. The faint electrical hum starts, just like the sound I heard walking into the bathroom. At first, you don’t notice really. But soon it grows, the hum becomes an annoyance, your head starts to throb. You go to bed, but “White noise is all you hear when you close your eyes to sleep. Dreams of electric beasts, harsh tweak.” You wake up, but you can’t get dressed. You walk to the TV and see her, the Static Monster. Her sharp nails, her long cruel fingers blackened by the sorrow of souls she has stolen. Her teeth are rotten, her skin is sickly green. With her arms out stretched, she pulls you close and “Crawls inside your ears, feeding on your mind.” Repeatedly, she comes for you, for all of you. “Can’t get no help, no fix, drugs no longer work.” Days and nights blur until you are no longer you. You’ve become a Zombie of the Noise.

Fun fact: Vance Kelly created the cover art for Static after seeing a photo of me taken by Tim Tronckoe. I was  photographed before a show at Poppodium 013 in the Netherlands. Look familiar?



Strange things are happening
Confused by the unknown
Like science fiction in a dead zone

Machine disease
Low frequencies
You cannot hide
It crawls inside your ears
Feeding on your mind

White noise is all you hear
When you close your eyes to sleep
Dreams of electric beasts, harsh tweak

Electro fields
Magnetic shields
Shock therapy
The sirens scream, panic
Takes over the streets

Static the sickness no one ever survives

Brain dead humanity
Zombies of the noise
Blank generation destroys

Can’t get no help, no fix
Drugs no longer work
Lost in a maze where life and death blur

Machine disease
Low frequencies
You cannot hide
It crawls inside your ears
Draining all your mind

Static the sickness no one ever survives
Evil within electric
Static comes for your lives

Lyrics © Jill Janus 2015

Jill Tim