12 Days of Static – Vultures Can Wait – 7″ Vinyl Bonus

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12 Days of Static: Jill Janus takes you on a track-by-track journey through the new “Melodic Metal Masterpiece” by Huntress, out 09/25/15 on Napalm Records. Watch for posts here & join us September 10th-21st at www.HuntressKills.com 

VULTURES CAN WAIT – 7″ Vinyl Bonus

As we conclude the final post for my 12 Days of Static journey, I leave you with “Vultures Can Wait” — an exclusive bonus track available only on 7″ vinyl.

I began writing this song in 2013, it was always in my mind, but hadn’t solidified until Huntress was on tour in Spain with Amon Amarth in February 2015. There are dark times where many of us contemplate suicide. I’ve been to the swamps of sadness, I’ve seen the scavengers awaiting my demise. But through the darkness, I could always see the glimmer of light, a reminder that I should stay and fight to live. The Vultures Can Wait.

Traveling through Spain, I began reading Carlos Castaneda’s book, A Separate Reality. I’ve always been fascinated with Spanish and Mexican mysticism. The imagery filled the blank verses and the song was given a heartbeat. I dedicate “Vultures Can Wait” to my Creatures, especially the ones who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. You are not alone.

Vultures Can Wait

The desert knows my Diablo and the sorcery I hide
I speak in tongues, sand fills my lungs tonight the spirit rides

Walking through diamond doors to meet the dead, feed your head

Vultures Can Wait
Vultures Can Wait

Horizon breaks, follow the snakes they will lead you to the smoke
The Devil’s Weed, she makes you eat her pride until you choke

Facing the fear behind the veils of fate, make them wait

Vultures Can Wait
Vultures Can Wait

Do you want to live forever?

Vultures Can Wait
Vultures Can Wait

Lyrics © Jill Janus 2015


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